Over the past few years several of us have been exploring ways in which to transform how we think and act in practice.  Our aim is to help one another do good work.  We are now ready to continue our journey online and to invite others to join us.  We hope to do this by connecting, sharing our experiences, and supporting one another in face-to-face events, and through social networking and online learning.  Although the fields in which we work may differ we share a common commitment to excellence and ethics in practice.

    As members of this learning community we are committed to:

  • learn from the challenges and opportunities of our professional life
  • provoke one another to good work, responding to life in creative and transforming ways
  • develop learning spaces in which we can inquire more deeply into our practice
  • subject our learning to the rigour of academic accreditation and professional recognition
  • facilitate a post-graduate programme in professional practice

If you are passionate about making a difference in your context; are not afraid to make the changes in your own practice that may be needed; and are ready to think and act outside the box without hurting those who still live within it; please join us.  Together we aspire to do good work – to act wisely in our fast changing world.

A good place to begin might be to follow our conversations, or dip into the GoodWork Fieldbook.  You may want to follow one of the short courses on offer in GoodWork Online, or enrol in a university programme designed to help you research your own practice.