About Us

Over the past few years several of us have been exploring ways in which to transform how we think and act in practice.  Our aim is to help one another do good work.  We are now ready to invite others to join us on our journey.  We hope to do this by connecting, sharing our experiences and gathering in small groups face to face and online.  Although the fields in which we work may differ we share a common commitment to excellence and ethics in practice.

We focus on things we were never taught in school and will not find in a university prospectus.  If you are passionate about making a difference in your context; are not afraid to make the changes in your own practice that may be needed; and are ready to think and act outside the box without hurting those who still live within it; please join us.  Together we aspire to do good work – to act wisely in our fast changing world.

The Core Team

Dave Adams  My early career was spent in international broadcasting first as an engineer and later in production. I saw the world on an expense account, working in Africa, Asia and the Middle East as well as across Europe. Mid-life brought me back to the UK with a commitment to develop a post-graduate programme for media practitioners that was embedded in their field of practice.

I came into higher education with the expectation that academia could provide a framework that hands-on training had failed to deliver. Scroll forward more than twenty years and, with a PhD in Professional Practice under my belt and a role in supervising practitioners in their doctoral inquiry, my perspective has changed.

During my time in the university I have had the privilege of working with some highly successful people, helping them probe their professional experience and enhance their impact in the world. This is not easy in an intellectual environment that privileges empirical evidence and methodological precision. Some, indeed many, succumb to its beguiling offer of certainty and control and leave with new tools to pursue their instrumental agenda. A few, however, linger longer with questions of self as the agent of change, developing what the German philosopher, Martin Heidegger, called the “dwelling mind” waiting for thoughts and feelings to self-organise into insights that can inspire good work.

Until recently I was hoping an existing institution of higher learning could host this vision.  I now think this is unlikely.  Institutions founded on the superiority of technical rationality cannot host the soul and it is the soul, not just the mind, that is the source of good work.  In setting up GoodWork Academy my hope is that it will provide a space in which good work can flourish.

Ian Helps  My personal mission in life is to help a million people to thrive at work. I help people transform by inviting them to face and work through their fears, becoming the most authentic version of themselves and realising their dreams. In doing this they become a transformation beacon to others. I have travelled a long way personally and professionally to become accepted by others to do this. My personal transformation came from the dark periods in my life: being made redundant, a nervous breakdown, being with someone dear to me taking their last breath. Yet I have found that these crucibles of darkness have given me something extraordinarly precious: a trust to be simply my authentic self, recognising that this is the most powerful version of me that I can be.

This, of course, leaves so many questions that I continually ask of myself on my direction, how I can do more for this world of ours that has innumerable challenges, especially the climate and the environment. I am delighted to be part of the Good Work Academy journey, as a participant, a mentor, and a partner with Dave Adams.

How I got here is, as always, a mixture of the intended and fate. I started off life as a research scientist and somehow, via a journey involving a whole mixture of roles including investment analyst, strategy director and management consultant, found that I had arrived at the world of sales, of being the best professional I can be. I am director of 3 companies, lead Consalia, a sales education company and am a Board member of the Association of Professional Sales, a not for profit seeking chartership for sales.

Andrew SteeleAndrew Steele is Executive Director of the International Communication Training Institute and a Director of NetWorks Media Consultants Ltd.

Andrew worked for the BBC, and was head of English programmes for HCJB Global in Ecuador. He has over 40 years experience in various media as a journalist, presenter, producer, and editor. His current role see him travelling extensively in the developing world providing media training and consultancy to charity and Church media initiatives.

He has a DProf researching Developing Trainers for Media and Management Training in Transitional Educational Contexts. He has an MA in Communication Practice and a Post Graduate Certificate in Education (Post Compulsory Education and Training).