This perspective on good work is an invitation to notice the way everyday encounters with people and things get our attention, trip us up and interrupt our casual ways of being.  As we move through the world we confront reality in many different forms, often as resistance.  Many encounters are unexpected and unwanted.  It is as if the world is talking back, questioning the way we make sense of it, insisting on its own voice.  Paying attention to these encounters enables us to learn from them and to discover something about ourselves as a result. They are invitations to realign our orientation towards the world. 

When we collide with situations that push back against our ways of being they expose our pretences and our foolhardy attempts at control. Some are minor irritations and we quickly return to life as normal. Some confront us with life changing situations – redundancy, illness, a breakdown in relationships. When old certainties are being challenged it is hard to see how these situations can teach us about ourselves. But big or small, they are invitations to consider not just what we can do differently but how we can be different. This dimension of good work calls for insights and tools that can help us learn from experience and respond to the everyday surprises and disruptions of daily life.