Do you want to do good work, to make a positive difference in your corner of the world? You know it isn’t easy.  There are obstacles in your environment and in yourself.  It will take practice and along the way you would like a mentor and conversation partners who will be there to inspire and challenge you.

Good work is soul work – it takes time and patience to re-integrate ourselves, to become whole again, to bring body and spirit together in harmony so that what we do permits our spirit to shine out into the world.

The GoodWork Academy programme takes a practical and flexible approach to help you do good work. You will be exposed to ideas from many different sources and be provided with tools to build your capability and confidence. Your mentor will work with you to design a learning plan that addresses your goals, with feedback and learning tailored to your situation. You will join a small cohort of others from around the world who will become conversation partners on the journey.

You can experience our programme simply by participating in one of our launch events. The GoodWork Academy operates as an inclusive community of people from different backgrounds who support its purpose and ethos.

The launch event serves as a taster designed to help you decide whether you would like to join a small group of 4-6 people that will engage in a process of inquiry and practice over an initial six month period. The following elements provide a loose structure to be adapted to suit each group:

1. An initial ‘gathering’ together to contract around the process, individually and collectively. The group will establish its own working pattern around the principles of acceptance, security (trust), stimulation and challenge.

2. Following the initial meeting the group will meet online every 2 weeks to explore fresh insights on the principles and practice of good work. Participants will be encouraged to keep a reflective journal of their experiences of good work and share their stories with the group.

3. At the end of the 6 month period the group will review the process and may decide to continue for a further 3 months.

4. At the end of this period (6-9 months) participants may decide to walk away and continue their good work on their own, or they may choose to continue their association with the Academy as an Associate. Associate membership will be agreed on the basis of a written statement and appraisal with two Members of the Academy.

5. Associates will be expected to gather online or in person 2-3 times a year to share their stories of good work and contribute to the ongoing conversation of the Academy.

6. After 2 years Associates may apply to become Members of the Academy.

7. The terms and role of Membership are yet to be agreed but may include:

  • responsibility for the facilitation of small groups with new participants
  • participation in an annual gathering of Members
  • contribution of fresh perspectives on the principles and practice of good work