GoodWork Programme

 Pathways to post-graduate qualifications

The GoodWork Academy offers social entrepreneurs and busy professionals a unique pathway to a Masters Degree or Doctorate in Professional Practice.  The programme is aimed at mid-career and senior level professionals and organisational or community leaders who may be:

  • social or environmental activists working to make the world a better place
  • workers in charities or non-governmental organisations (NGOs) around the world
  • leaders of faith communities or ministers of religion in church or chaplaincy settings
  • participants in public or private enterprises who are passionate about public service or business practices that are sustainable and contribute to social and economic justice.

Certificate in Professional Practice

The Certificate in Professional Practice is a 60 credit introduction to critical reflection, action research and work based learning. The course offers the participant an opportunity to undertake a detailed inquiry into an aspect of their practice (a project, policy development or strategic initiative, for example) resulting in practical knowledge of benefit to themselves, their work colleagues, and possibly others.


Participants who successfully fulfil the requirements of the Diploma may register with the university to obtain recognition and accreditation of their prior learning and complete a further work based project for the award of a Masters in Professional Practice.  Alternatively participants may wish to continue their inquiry to Doctoral level.

Programme Framework

The framework is designed to blend seamlessly into your own work patterns.  A series of workshops or webinars and online resources will introduce you to different tools of inquiry and your professional experience will provide the content.  You will be supported by a programme advisor to help prepare a programme agreement, review work in progress and respond to specific issues as they arise. With the help of the programme advisor the participant is able to chart their own course through the learning opportunities presented by their work practice and the programme resources.

Individuals who have already made a significant contribution to their field of professional practice, may present a claim for recognition and accreditation of their learning to obtain advanced standing on the Doctoral programme, or enrol in the Doctorate in Professional Practice by Public Works.  Please contact us ( for more information about this possibility.