About Us

Good work is evident in its achievements, and in the way in which they are achieved.  It is good in both its ends and its means, and finds its source in the inner qualities of the performer. The Greek word for goodness is kalos, a way of being and doing that Michael Novak suggests can be thought of as “a kind of grace in action”.  There is reverence in every aspect of good work.

In the complexities of the modern world, good work doesn’t just happen. It demands skill and judgement born of experience – what we might call practical wisdom.  Wisdom is the invisible heart of good practice.

GoodWork Academy has grown from a commitment to nurture good work in all we do through practice-centred, values-based research and learning – to explore the path to practical wisdom, the invisible heart of good practice.  Our work is shaped by who we are not just what we do, and who we are is shaped by our work.  We cannot separate the work and the worker.

The Core Team

Dave Adams (PhD) has had a varied career that includes time as a journalist, a research tutor in higher education, and an organisational consultant in the UK, India, Hong Kong and parts of Africa, the Middle East and Europe. He has experience working for an international broadcasting organisation, a pan-European satellite educational network, an online news service and a study and research centre focused on international development.

His PhD explored the inner qualities of professional practice and was awarded by the Centre for Action Research in Professional Practice at the University of Bath.  He is a Training Associate of the World Media Trust, a non-executive director of the International School of Storytelling, and a member of The Centre for Narrative Leadership.

Andrew Steele is Executive Director of the International Communication Training Institute and a Director of NetWorks Media Consultants Ltd.

Andrew worked for the BBC, and was head of English programmes for HCJB Global in Ecuador. He has over 30 years experience in various media as a journalist, presenter, producer, and editor. His current role see him travelling extensively in the developing world providing media training and consultancy to charity and Church media initiatives.

He has an MA in Communication Practice and a Post Graduate Certificate in Education (Post Compulsory Education and Training). He is researching Developing Trainers for Media and Management Training in Transitional Educational Contexts as part of a doctoral programme at Middlesex University in the UK.